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Fall 2020 Note to students:

You are here because you didn't follow instructions. Please use the address exactly as given on the class syllabus.

Others may have been redirected here because I have moved or deleted old pages. Much of this site has been deleted due to age, link-rot, and lack of time to maintain it. Feel free to come back later.

Spam disclaimer:

Occasionally people report receiving spam from this domain, which has been hijacked several times by spammers. I have worked with my web host to clear this up, but like identity theft, it is difficult to control and nearly impossible to prosecute. If anyone has received spam appearing to come from someone at this site or domain, please be assured it is not coming from me.

Spammers have also forced me to retire obvious email addresses. If anyone needs to reach me for legitimate purposes, please use admin "at" this domain (g e o r g e s u t t l e d o t c o m).